Letter to Congress

Last serious blog I wrote was almost six years ago. While I haven’t kept up with all the changes in WordPress, my life experiences suggest to go ahead, write something, and publish it. In other words, just do it. I’m confident I’ll figure out the nuances as I continue to engage with WordPress. As I suggested in my blog update this past summer, the focus of this blog has shifted from a blog dealing with health and wellness to a blog dealing with anything and everything. In all honesty I’ve been consumed and deeply concerned by our current political landscape. For right now, I’ll keep it simple. I have one overriding and recurring thought regarding our elected officials in Washington. Here’s my letter to Congress: “Dear Congress, Please represent the best interests of your constituents and exercise your courage muscle. Thanks in advance and warmest regards. Dan”

Blood Pressure Chronicles, Part 1

BP for 6/17/11

BP reading just before writing this blog.

“That’s not good!” These were the exact words of the urgent care nurse immediately after taking my blood pressure (BP) this past December. Even though my top number (systolic pressure) was over 200 and my bottom number (diastolic pressure) was over 100, I didn’t even get a prize. I knew before my BP was taken that it would be through the roof, as I was stressed going into urgent care. I was stressed partly because I realized something was very wrong (fast acting infection), and also because I knew they’d be taking my blood pressure. “Tell me something I don’t know” I thought to myself, as I digested the nurses’ words as well as the concerned expression on her face. I tend to be competitive by nature and when having my BP taken, I very much want to have a low reading. It’s as though the greater I want to have a low BP reading, the higher my BP goes.

I’ve never taken any blood pressure medications. I just took my blood pressure before writing this blog. 122/75. My BP isn’t perfect, but certainly much improved from my wake up call at my urgent care visit six months ago. Oh yeah, that fast acting infection – thankfully it resolved. I’m not one to take antibiotics, but in this case, they may have saved my life, and were clearly warranted.

I’ll be sharing over the next several blogs, what I did to lower my blood pressure as well as what I did to get the best triglyceride level and cholesterol numbers I’ve ever had as an adult. Stay tuned for Part 2.

Thank You Spammers!

Word design from spam.

Making lemonade from lemons.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the dedicated spammers out there who frequent my blog. You can sleep at night now with the knowledge that your spam contributions made the above picture possible. Rest assured, before I deleted all of your comments which made it through the first screen of my spam filter, I saved them and threw them into a nifty little word design tool which then transformed your comments into the above graphic. Thank you so much. Perhaps some day, you’ll include your picture, actually read my blog, and make a real comment. Now wouldn’t that be SOMETHING?!

What, Me Worry?

What, Me Worry? AEN

What, Me Worry?

Last weekend, one of the people my company serves, who happens to be developmentally challenged, was hospitalized. Upon finding out this person might need to be tube fed, I realized I needed to try to talk with the doctor about a less intrusive intervention.

I was thankful that the doctor stated she was at least willing to look at an alternative medicine option. One of the challenges this person faces is Cerebral Palsy. The doctor informed me that people with Cerebral Palsy are more likely than the rest of the population to acquire Gastroparesis. When I asked if that was because of the Cerebral Palsy or because of the medications that people with Cerebral Palsy are more likely to be on, I could almost feel through our phone connection the hairs on the doctor’s neck bristling at my question.

Since I had a very specific product in mind for her to consider, she suggested I e-mail her information about this product. I spent the next three hours getting my many questions answered from the company who has exclusive rights to this product and tracking down physicians and other health practitioners throughout the US who are knowledgeable about this product and would be willing to consult with this doctor. I even obtained a fresh bottle of this product from someone nearby, so in the event we had the green light to use it, we’d be ready to go without any lost time.

I took great care in e-mailing the doctor information about this product, such as independent lab tests, approved claims, links to two web sites which explained what the product is and how it works, as well as the contact information of a doctor who’s already using this product in his practice. Because I was sending files, I made sure none of the e-mails was over 5 MBs. My original cover letter made it through. My two e-mails with attachments and my other e-mail with two links, bounced back to me. I then copied the attachments and pasted them in text form in the body of the e-mail. Bounce. I then mentioned the websites’ URLs without the http://www. Bounce. I decided to try again, but this time from my GMail account. All appeared to be going through okay. Twenty four hours later, everything I sent from GMail bounced back!

This doctor’s e-mail server’s domain is that of one of the larger health insurers. Is it possible that the spam filters from that e-mail domain were filtering out e-mail content if the information in that e-mail pertained to alternative medicine? I honestly don’t know, but I can’t help but wonder. What, me worry? You betcha!

My Dirty Little Secret

Don't ask, don't tell!


I’ve been receiving an increasing number of inquiries as to what (if any) nutrition products I personally recommend. I must confess, I’ve been holding back just a bit, at least until I have a complete physical later this spring. I’m particularly interested in tests which measure homocysteine, c-reactive protein, triglycerides, cholesterol ratios, and fasting blood sugar. Nevertheless, there are three specific products I use and plan to continue to use. I started a blog page for each one. These pages are titled: Cardiovascular Health, Gluathione Potentiation, and Glutathione Production.

Please bear in mind, none of these dietary supplements are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Also please note that any statements made about these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Woo Who?

Woo Rank for NutritionGamesBlog.com

NutritionGamesBlog.com Woo Rank

Whoever created WordPress.org, most likely used a PC and not a Mac. Thanks to the many online tutorials out there, this Mac user has been able to muddle his way to a better mastery of WordPress. For instance, I finally get what widgets and plugins do and how important they are to the operation of this blog. If the creator of WordPress thought like a Mac user, then there would be no need for widgets and plugins, as the functions addressed by these add-ons would already have been somehow built into the WordPress basic platform.

When I first began to post on my blog, I slowly started to receive comments which, while flattering at first, were very suspect. Doing an exact multi sentence match on Google, sometimes would return results that the identical comment was appearing on thousands of websites. Oh woe was me. Thank you Akismet for coming to the rescue and helping control the incoming spam!

One of my marketing mentors introduced me to a website which would analyze my blog to determine how well it conformed to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices. This particular individual should really have his computer keyboard registered with the FBI, as he knows and understands things about computers and the Internet, that only an elite minority of people truly know and understand.

I now find myself being thankful that my blog’s readability level is that of a teenager, and my blog has a Favicon. I couldn’t explain to you what a Favicon actually is, but I can assure you, I’m glad my blog has one. My load time needs some work, but optimizing my blog (gee that sounds dirty) has really helped. I managed to fix my XML sitemaps issue by adding a plugin. Heck, I didn’t realize I even had an XML sitemap issue and don’t know a whole lot about XML sitemaps, but I can tell you in all honesty, I’m glad I fixed it! Turns out my Text/HTML ratio is great. Anything higher than 15% is desirable. Mine was at 24.53%. Hallelujah! My site was without Google Analytics, and once again I added a new plugin to my blog to fix this problem. I can’t even begin to tell you how much better I feel knowing that this too is resolved. I’m still trying to figure out of there’s anything I can do about my missing Dublin Core, Geo Meta Tags, and robots.txt. Believe me, I’ve tried. Once again, don’t ask me to explain any of this stuff. I just know I’ll feel much better once I’ve finally found these missing items.

Never in my right mind would I have imagined being so thrilled upon learning that I managed to get my Woo rank to go over 50!

Woo hoo!

Woo who?

Best Pizza in the World?


Who has the best pizza?

I’m creating this blog post because I’m curious. Which restaurant, in your opinion, makes (or made) the best pizza in the world? My personal favorite pizza was from The Red Lantern in Oshkosh, Wisconsin (USA). I was not able to find this place online, and the last time I ate there was roughly 38 years ago. Two restaurants which are still around, and according to my taste buds, make an extraordinary pizza, are Lisa’s in Milwaukee, WI (USA) and Broadway Bar in Minneapolis, MN (USA).

Many years back, while in Lausanne, Switzerland, I vividly remember searching for a great pizza place. I stopped some complete strangers on the street, whipped out my Berlitz book, and quickly found the French word for “where” which was “ou” and “pizza” which was “pizza”. I looked directly at the young couple and said very slowly and distinctly, “Ou, pizza?!” Both people appeared somewhat baffled, so I repeated my request, but this time, a bit louder: “Ou, pizza?!” Finally, the young man turned to his friend and said in perfect English: “I don’t have a clue what he’s talking about. Do you?”

I hope people makes lots of comments to this blog post! Knowing ahead of time who has the best pizza, especially in an unfamiliar city, could prevent the need for a translator. Ya never know – there just might be a pizza parlor recommended here which becomes part of your culinary destiny!

I Predict The Winner of This Year’s American Idol Will Be…

…Lauren Alaina.

I’ve been watching American Idol every season since season 6. For seasons 6, 7, 8, and 9, I tried to predict the winner based on who, in my opinion, deserved to win. Suffice it to say that America and I have never been on the same page when it comes to the winner of American Idol.

This season, however, I’m not basing my prediction on merit. Rather, Im basing it on intuition. While watching American Idol last night and listening to Lauren Alaina, I had the strongest gut feeling that she was going to be this year’s American Idol. While I thought her performance was exceptional, so were most of the other performances. This year’s final eight are the strongest final eight I’ve observed since I started watching Idol. Five of those eight, I believe are worthy of the title. Eight of the eight are clearly better than some of the past Idol winners.

Best of luck to all of the remaining Idol contestants!

The Free Report Game

Many people marketing online have discovered the value in offering something for free. While conceptually, this makes sense to do, a challenge has evolved from this practice. Because so many online marketers have been taught the strategic importance of “giving”, there is now an overabundance of free reports available on the web. “Overabundance” is an understatement. Wake up out there! No matter how good one’s free report is, the perceived value of the free report, at least in my opinion, has taken a major nosedive, especially over the past six months. In response to the deluge of free reports I’ve received, I now store them in a file folder on my computer called “Free Reports.” I used the garage pictured above as the file folder icon, so I can honestly state, I now have a garage full of free reports!

The main challenge I’m faced with as a recipient of these free reports is
how do I decide which, if any, of these free reports are worth reading? Even though many have some valuable content with respect to business building (especially Internet marketing, self improvement, and/or cutting edge nutritional products), I only have so many hours in a day. Who’s free report should I read and why? Hint: I’m going to spend more time getting to know people who spend more time getting to know me.

If you’re sending me a free report, then here’s a little checklist to help increase the odds that I actually read your free report:

1. When first meeting me online, did you lead with your free report? Even if your report is an original, life changing document, leading with your report is is a great way to get me NOT to read it. The correct answer to this question is: “No. I did not lead with my free report.”

2. If you did lead with your report, and I didn’t bite the bait, did you give up all hope I’d ever read it? The correct answer to this question is “No.” Persistence is a valuable quality in this business, providing you combine that persistence with smarts. Smarts translates directly into how well you do connecting with me. That leads to my next set of questions. The correct answer to each of the following questions is “Yes!”

3. Have you taken the time to get to know what I’m about?

4. Have you added me on Facebook?

5. Have you friended me on YouTube?

6. Have you subscribed to me on YouTube?

7. Are you following me on Twitter?

8. Have you connected with me on Better Networker?

9. Here’s a great way to stand out from 99.999 percent of everyone else on Better Networker: Have you posted a response to any of content I’ve posted on Better Networker?

10. Have you connected with me on LinkedIn?

11. Are you a member of this blog?

12. Are you subscribed to this blog?

Reality check: The better I know the real you and not the scripted you, as well as the greater the extent to which I feel connected to you, the more likely I am to take the time to read your free report!

Lady Antebellum – Need You Now

This is my piano arrangement for “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum.

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